The Dangers of Being Overweight in Cats

Many people want their cats to be fat. Naturally, many are also looking for cat fattening food. A fat cat may look cute, but there is something more important, namely the health of the body itself. For that, instead of thinking about how to fatten cats, it’s better to make sure whether your cat’s weight is ideal or not? You can make them train on the cat running wheel.

Cat weight varies according to age development. However, that does not mean that there are no parameters to identify the ideal body weight for cats. One way to recognize this is by feeling your cat’s body. A cat that is too fat, when touched by his body, it is difficult for you to feel his ribs because the fat layer is too thick. Conversely, a cat that is too thin, the ribs will be too visible, even if you do not feel them. Measuring body weight will be the right decision before you decide to buy cat fattening food or not.

Many factors contribute to a cat being overweight. One of them is giving excessive portions of food. Sometimes, what often happens to domestic cats is, they often come to you with a sad face as if they still want to be given extra food. If you are not disciplined in applying the right diet, then things like this can make the cat overweight. Besides that, it is also about behavior. There are some cats who are lazy to move. This can affect his weight. Cats who are neutered or sterilized will also gain weight if they are not supported by proper food intake and adequate exercise.

Again, fat cats are cute, but it wouldn’t be funny if your cat was sick from being overweight. Excessive weight also makes cats have the potential to develop diabetes, the work of organs such as the heart to be heavier and digestive problems. One way to prevent cats from becoming overweight is to maintain their diet. Feeding low-calorie foods will help reduce the risk of being overweight.

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