The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Using Fire And Water Pipe Boilers

Boilers and water pipes actually have the same function, namely to produce hot steam which is then used for various human needs. Of course, both of them must have differences. Apart from the different working systems, the advantages and disadvantages of using these Calderas are also different. Well, to be more understanding here is a little discussion:

Fire pipe boiler. Fire pipe boiler is one of the hot steam producing containers used for

Water pipe boiler

heating water for rinse water in the bathroom or for washing water in the laundry. Although it can heat water, boilers of this type certainly have several advantages and disadvantages.

The following are some of them;

When you want to use this type of boiler, the installation and operation settings usually do not require special settings. So, it’s very practical and pretty fast when installing.

The price offered by this pipe boiler is quite cheap, so it does not make dry bags.

The shape is very portable and compact.

Does not require the name of a spacious room.


The operating pressure produced by this boiler is relatively low at only 18 bars.
The burning place is quite difficult to reach, so it’s difficult when cleaning and maintaining boilers.
The given efficiency value is low due to the amount of heat energy being discharged.
Water pipe boiler. Almost similar to fire pipe boilers, where both produce hot steam water pipe boilers also have several advantages and disadvantages. These are among them;


The steam pressure produced is greater than 450 TPH.
Has a much higher efficiency value compared to fire pipe type boilers?
The operating capacity of up to 100 bars.
If you want to treat this type of boiler is very easy, because the location is not too deep.
The selling price of this type of boiler is more expensive than a fire pipe boiler.
Heating the water in the container is very sensitive, so it needs more careful handling.
The room needed is quite extensive.
Whatever type of boiler, boilermakers must understand how to choose a durable water pipe so that the pipe is not easily damaged when used. Moreover, this container will work in very high temperatures. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of water and fire pipe boilers.

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