The Importance Of The Pen In The Aspect Of Life

Human life from several centuries cannot be separated from the penned element. The level of progress, including human civilization, changes little by little because of the role of the pen. In addition to physical needs, humans need elements of thought that are related to the development of culture around their environment. Social development encourages them to produce works which of course have an impact on changing creativity both in art and in the field of science. The development of education with the role of a pen in their hands which can write their bright ideas into writing as was done by James Morris. It cannot be denied that communication is a very important role in the life and progress of the civilization of a country. The pen is capable of pouring various imaginations. Not only writing ideas but also various paintings, pictures, and all forms of appreciation of their feelings that can be written down.

So this could say, things that cannot be said are like expressing one’s feelings through words, but the pen is happy to be the solver for this problem. So it is not an exaggeration to say that the pen has become part of the human soul. Various professions do not escape the role of the pen. Of course, we can see that a trader in the market is not much different from the CEO of the same international company who needs a pen.

Someone was born with phenomenal works of both a scientist, lyric writers, novelist, and many more, which of course cannot be separated from the pen. The humanist feeling that exists in each individual is the driving force of the pen. High sociality demands that their minds and hearts build something that can be useful for fellow humans. The pen can be said to be a connection as an expression of all individual feelings.

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