The Importance Of The Right Coffee Machines

The growing coffee business, making coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, even personal coffee lovers are now starting to use espresso machines as their coffee maker. Now more and more imported Espresso Machine brands have sprung up. Starting from high-end to low-end, from home espresso to commercial or professional espresso. Choosing the right espresso machine for our needs is very important. This is to prevent us from buying products that are overpriced so they can become redundant. A professional-grade espresso machine available at Morino Coffee is of a wide variety, so you have to be careful in choosing. You can visit us to get the best suitable coffee maker for you.

Here are important tips for choosing an espresso machine. If you only use the machine for your needs at home, for example, to make coffee with a daily volume of no more than 10 cups, you can buy a home-class espresso machine at a fairly affordable price. When you buy an espresso machine with a medium budget, of course, you don’t expect to get a machine of high quality. Prices never lie. There is a price there is quality. Likewise with the stability of the espresso results. You also don’t expect the espresso to be stable. This is because the mid-budget espresso machine usually does not have good temperature control features, besides that the materials used are mostly second-class materials.

If you buy a machine for the needs of a shop, cafe, or coffee shop, we recommend that you immediately buy a professional or commercial-grade espresso machine. The espresso machine is your cash machine in the cafe, so buying this machine is the same as a long-term investment, besides that the durability of the machine also needs to be an important consideration. For a shop or coffee shop with a volume of 1 – 300 cups of espresso a day, we recommend that you use a professional single group espresso machine. There are many specifications on the market for professional single group espresso machines that you can choose from. However, our advice, choose a single group espresso machine that features PID (digital temperature controller) and Double Boiler.

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