The Magic of Prints: How Mimaki SS21 Inks Create Visual Masterpieces

Let’s talk about colors and prints, shall we? When it comes to printing, the ink you use is just as crucial as the design itself. Enter Mimaki SS21, the unsung hero behind those vibrant, durable, and jaw-dropping graphics you’ve been admiring lately.


Now, imagine you’ve designed a brilliant mural for a local cafe. You’ve poured hours into getting every shade and detail just right. But the true challenge? Ensuring that your artwork doesn’t fade with time or lose its sparkle when printed. This is where our mighty Mimaki SS21 inks swoop in like a superhero.

First off, let’s chat about the vibrancy. Remember those times you printed something, and the colors looked a tad… off? With Mimaki SS21 inks, what you see on screen is what you get on print. These inks have an unmatched color accuracy. Whether you’re envisioning a deep ocean blue, a fiery red, or a mellow pastel hue, SS21 has got you covered. Your graphics will pop, ensuring that your designs are the center of attention!

Durability is another feather in the cap of Mimaki SS21. We’ve all seen prints that fade after a couple of months or graphics that just can’t stand the test of weather, especially if they’re outdoors. But guess what? SS21 inks laugh in the face of these challenges! Be it rain, shine, or even the occasional bird doing its thing (you know what we mean), these inks ensure that your graphics remain as radiant as day one. So go ahead, put up that outdoor banner without a second thought!

But wait, there’s more! One of the sneaky challenges in the printing world is drying time. No one likes to wait around, twiddling their thumbs, hoping the ink dries quickly. And with SS21? You won’t have to! Faster drying times mean you can move from printing to showcasing in a jiffy.

Another heartwarming aspect of Mimaki SS21 inks is their commitment to Mother Earth. With a reduced environmental impact and fewer volatile organic compounds, these inks ensure that while your graphics are stunning, they’re also kinder to the planet.

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