The Type Of Watches

A watch can show the wearer’s personality. It could also convey his taste, wealth, and even strength. Choosing a mens watch is not easy, there are many things you need to consider. Such as design, model, usability, and many other factors. Men’s watches are not only analog or digital clocks. There are many other types of watches that are often on display at Baselworld, an international watch and jewelry industry trade fair, which is held every spring in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Come on, find out more about the types of men’s watches that you might not know to help you choose the best one that will suit your need and want August Berg.

There are many types of men’s watches for the collection that you need to know. The first most popular is an analog watch. Analog watches have a dial display equipped with the hour hand, minute hand, second hand, and Roman numerals (hour mark). Most analog watches have a mark representing 60 minutes in an hour. Usually, the hour hand is shorter than the minute and the second hand. The term analog is a rhyme or a new term due to the development of digital technology which displays the time on the LCD screen.

The second one that is very popular nowadays is the digital watch. Unlike analog watches, digital watches have a display in the form of numbers directly printed on the LCD screen. The digital watch’s power source comes from the battery and it is quartz-based. Quartz digital watches don’t just display the time. Digital watch features are more complete than analogs, such as alarms, world time, stopwatch, calendar, GPS, and Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Digital quartz watches are also generally more shock resistant than analog. The latest type of digital watch is a smartwatch that is very high on demand because of the ability of this particular watch that helps your daily activity.

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