There Are 5 Types Of Theatre According To The Form Of Presentation

Each form of play has uniqueness and requires certain things that must be met, it is obligatory to study and understand the steps in carrying it out. In this article, we will tell you 5 types of theatre plays according to the form of presentation. Meanwhile, if you also need excellent scripts, we suggest you go to a website that provides the script for plays for readers theatre.

Here are 5 types of theatre according to the form of presentation:

1. Motion Theater

Motion theatre requires more gestures and facial expressions than speech. Messages that are not conveyed verbally require special expertise in processing them.

2. Puppet Theater

Puppet theatre has a distinctive character depending on the type of puppet being played. Here are some steps the director needs to pay attention to in performing puppet theatre:

– Able to play dolls well, because there are many types of dolls and each of them requires a special technique in demonstrating it.
– Able to consistently fill in the voice according to the puppet character.
– Able to animate the expression of the puppet being played.
– If there are many puppet players, then they must be able to adjust the scene so that the movements of the dolls do not interfere with each other.
– If the player is few, then they must be able to fill in the voice with different characters.
– Able to build technical and emotional cooperation between puppet players.

3. Dramatic Theater

Dramatic theatre performances require hard work, especially related to acting. This is due to the demands of dramatic theatre performances that require action like true stories, the director must be observant in assessing every action of the actors. Likewise, with the atmosphere of the incident, everything must appear natural, and not artificial.

4. Musical Drama

A director must have Multi ability if he wants to stage a musical drama. The language of expression that varies between verbal language, songs, movements and musicals must be arranged harmoniously to achieve maximum results.

5. Theatrical Poetry

Creating theatre works based on storytelling poetry requires its expertise because poetry is different from drama literature.

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