These 3 Tips Can Help You Clean Your Roof Properly

The ceiling or roof of the house is one part of the house that is difficult to clean. Even though the ceiling of the house is dirty quickly. How do you deal with it? You don’t need to worry, due to this time we will give 3 tips on cleaning the ceiling of the house. However, you can also visit if you don’t have the time to clean your roof on your own.

Here are 3 tips to clean your roof properly:

1. Prepare tools and materials

The tools and materials you must prepare to clean the ceiling are brooms with long handles. You can buy these broom handles at the market. If you don’t have it, you can use the handle that is usually used as a tool to replace the lights at home. Then, also prepare a cloth or foam, then raffia and rubber cord.

2. How to make the tools

Next, you have to make a tool that easily reaches the roof of your house. The trick, take the broom handle and then stick the cloth or foam using a raffia rope and rubber to increase the strength of the firmness.

Make sure the bond has to be tight because otherwise the cloth will fall easily and clean it too won’t be optimal. After binding, you are ready to use the tool.

3. How to use the tool

The only way to use the tool is to scrape a cloth on the end of the broom on the dirty ceiling. You have to clean it to the corner, between the lights and the top.

For the top part, you can use a chair or other object as your pedestal to reach that part. Make sure that the pedestal is sturdy. Be careful so you don’t fall.

Cleaning the ceiling should be done routinely so that the cobwebs and other impurities do not stick too long. If left too long, then the aesthetic impression in your home will decrease.

Especially in a room that is often seen by guests, such as in the living room, bathroom, family room, and dining room. If your house is free from dirt stuck to the ceiling, the house will be more beautiful, comfortable and also pleasing to the eye.

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