These 3 Types Of Natural Baits Are Suitable For Sea Fishing

Here I will give some bait from the type of fish. It’s because for lure (artificial bait) there are many such as the type of minnow lure, lure type topwater, lure type vibration and metal jigs most of these artificial baits are used when fishing in the sea edge. Additionally, if you love to catch trout, we suggest you go here to find the best rod for trout fishing.

Please try some examples of natural bait:

1. Milkfish bait

Milkfish is the best bait when fishing in the sea. The recommended size is below 400 gr. Expert anglers prefer to use large size milkfish when the sea has small waves compared to when the sea is calm so that the target fish can see the bait directly. Surely the best bait when the milkfish is still fresh.

2. Eel bait

Anglers used to use eel bait to fish white marlin. However, some anglers do not use this bait because of the difficulty of putting an eel on the fishing hook. But there is a way to handle the eel if the eel fasts for 3 to 4 weeks.

Then put the eel into the bucket, then add coarse salt in it. This salt not only kills the eel but is able to get rid of mucus on the body of the eel, and most importantly causes the eel to produce a blue color that attracts the attention of the target fish.

3. Fish meat bait

It is the most commonly used bait. It can be prepared from various types of fish sliced or used as fillets. It is strongly recommended to use small-sized tuna meat. Where the side of his body has a sparkling silver color that can reflect sunlight in the water.

Of course, to get superior quality bait we are also obliged to conduct experiments to determine the best fishing bait and be able to produce lots of fish. We can also mix their own bait for fishing in the sea from pellets, fish meal, fish meat, shrimp flour, and shrimp paste.

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