These Are 11 Steps You Might Need To Maintain Your Air Compressor

As with other machines, the air compressor also needs basic maintenance/maintenance to maintain or maintain the maximum performance reliability of the compressor. Air compressor maintenance that is carried out correctly will be able to reduce the level of compressor damage, improve the quality of the air produced, and extend the life of the air compressor (lifetime). Meanwhile, you can visit if you want to find an excellent air compressor to be used in your garage.

The following are 11 compressor steps that must be done continuously:

1. Always check and make sure the pressure gauge shows an air pressure of about 0.5 Mpa to 0.9 Mpa.

2. Make sure the pressure switch is working normally, the compressor will shut off when the pressure reaches 0.9 Mpa and will turn on again when the air pressure drops to 0.5 Mpa.

3. Make sure the compressor safety valve is working normally, by pulling it briefly and compressed air can escape through it if the air pressure exceeds the standard.

4. Make sure the oil level is always between the red line during operation.

5. Open the drain cock valve to remove water entering the compressor tube/tank (until the water runs out). Do this every day if the air around the compressor is so humid.

6. Check the V-belt, and make sure the v-belt is according to the standard, which is not too loose and not too tight, and in good condition (not slipping and not chapped/broken).

7. Clean the air intake filter from dust. Dust stuck to the filter can cause the compressor to work harder than it should. Remember, just clean the filter with the air and don’t use water so that the dust doesn’t stick.

8. Make sure there are no leaks in pipes, hoses, and so on. Because if there is a leak, even a little, it can reduce the quality of air pressure produced by the compressor.

9. Ensure that there are no abnormal sounds, for example, such as a damaged motor bearing, a slip of the v-belt, leakage sounds, and other abnormal sounds.

10. Always change the compressor oil every 2000 operating hours.

11. Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the compressor so that it does not rust easily.

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