These Are 3 Tips To Write Good Contents For SEO

Ranked first on the search engine is the desire of website owners. SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is one way that can help you realize that. There are several things that can be done to optimize SEO, one of which is to create quality content. You may read the tips from us to learn how to make good contents, or you can simply hire experts from Revolist to help you improve the contents for your SEO campaign.

You may do the 3 tips below so that the content you make is optimal and good enough for SEO:

1. Specify Content Topics

Before creating content, you must determine the topic of the content you are about to write. The topic aims to make your content more structured and directed. If you already have a topic for writing, it will certainly be easy to create quality content.

Adjust the topic of content that you will create with the niche website that you have. If you are confused about what topics will be discussed, you can search for what is trending on Google through Google Trends.

2. Use the Right Keywords

After getting the topic you want, then determine the right keywords with the topic you are about to make. It’s useless if you have found a topic that is more trendy but wrong in using keywords.

You can use online tools such as Google Keyword Tools or KWFinder to find the right keywords for your content. Keywords will make it easier for readers to find your content on Google.

3. Make an Interesting Title

Did you know that titles are an important element in the content? The title aims to give a “little” description of what you will actually convey through the content you make. Therefore make a title that is clear, solid, interesting and honest.

If your content contains a number of tutorials or tips, you can add the number as a title.
Example: “5 Tips for Successful Promotion Through Social Media”

In addition, you also need to include keywords in the title, so that your content is easily found by readers.

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