These Are Duties Of IT Support Staffs From Managed IT Service Companies

Nearly the normal company utilizes technology in its business. IT Support is an expert whose job is to assess and improve the three primary objects of company technology, specifically computers, software, and organization framework advancement. Responsibilities and obligations are reliant on the requirements of clients in a company. So, What do managed service providers do? Especially with their IT staff to help their clients?

– Preventing and repairing malfunctioned computers.
– Ensuring internet connectivity.
– Preventing error on any software.
– Save all data on the computer used by the user.
– Creating technical reports using documentation.
– Restore data if you experience problems with the computer.
– Make settings on the browser.
– Repairing broken computers and devices as soon as possible.
– Improving and maintaining IT security system.
– Assisting in hosting and cloud services.

An IT technician monitors and maintains computer systems and company networks. Often companies ask for the installation and configuration of computer systems, diagnose hardware and software faults, and solve application technical problems either over the phone or in person.

The technician profession is often mistaken for a programmer because they both work on computers. Their roles are not the same. Programmers are people who can solve problems and create products using programming languages such as HTML. Java, PHP, and others. Programmers’ abilities are usually at several levels, such as junior programmers and senior programmers.

Meanwhile, technicians play a role in carrying out maintenance or maintenance of technology both software and hardware from the user’s side. If a user in the company experiences complaints about using a laptop or computer, of course, what is sought first is a technician, not a programmer. It can be concluded that programmers are more focused on designing a product. Meanwhile, IT Support or technicians are more focused on dealing with user complaints.

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