These Are Some Tips For You To Clean The Carpet According To The Type

Many people don’t clean their carpets regularly. Some of them only use carpets but they don’t clean the carpet. In fact, a dirty carpet is very dangerous for your health. You have to clean the carpet regularly. There are services from Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches that you can use to clean your carpet useful source.

Cleaning carpets is not an easy thing. You must know the type of carpet before you clean it. Some carpets can be damaged if you clean them in the wrong way. Here are some tips on cleaning the carpet according to the type.

1. Nylon carpet
This carpet has nylon material from plastic. Some parts of this carpet can also be replaced when the carpet is damaged. This carpet has a fairly cheap price and how to clean the carpet is also easy. You only need to wash it with water and dry it in the sun. However, you can’t rub it hard because this carpet can be damaged in some parts.

2. Silk carpet
Silk carpets have high esthetic levels. This carpet is very suitable if you like a luxurious and elegant interior. If you have this carpet at home, then you only need to clean it with a vacuum cleaner. You cannot wash this carpet using water because this carpet fiber can be damaged. You can suck all the dust on the carpet. You can do it twice in one month.

3. Polypropylene carpet
This type of carpet is a type of carpet that is often used. This carpet has a soft and smooth texture. If you want to clean this carpet, then you only need to clean it with water. You can rub it gently and you can use detergent to clean dust and dirt on the carpet. However, this carpet also has weaknesses. The color of the carpet is easily faded and the thread on the carpet is also easy to remove. So, you have to be careful when you clean this carpet.

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