Things to Pay Attention to When Undergoing a Military Diet

Not only is the stability needed in carrying out the 3 day military diet substitutes that have been found, but also must be balanced with regular exercise so that the body remains healthy and of course helps the success of this military diet as well.

Don’t forget to eat out and only eat healthy food for the diet and the nutrients you need when you’re on a diet. And several other things that support this military diet in addition to the military diet menu, namely:

1. Weigh the weight
Do a weigh-in on the first day of the morning when you go on the military diet for the first time. And also do the weighing on the fourth day.

2. Give yourself a break
If you intend to do this military diet for three days, then rest your body four days after the next three days.

3. Do it right and according to the rules
Discipline and be consistent in doing and implementing this military diet pattern, because your discipline determines the success of your diet. If you want your diet to be successful, then you must be for you to follow the rules that have been set.

4. Regular exercise
Don’t forget to always do sports regularly for at least 15 minutes a day. Exercising will help you in the process of burning calories in your body, so the process of burning calories becomes faster.

5. Avoid stress
The next thing you should pay attention to in running this military diet apart from the diet menu is, that you are endeavored to avoid stress. Because when you are stressed your body produces the hormone cortisol which can damage your organs and also stress can trigger you to vent it through food.

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