This Is How To Respond To Bad Comments From Customers On Social Media

Bad customer comments are one of the things business owners dislike the most. Especially if these negative comments appear on the social media pages they manage. Bad customer comments can indeed make your brand image look less than good, but bad reviews are not the end. There are several smart ways you can respond to bad comments on your social media. However, if you also receive fake reviews on Google, you must read How to respond to fake Google reviews.

Check out the following tips to deal with bad comments from customers on social media:

Don’t Panic and Delete It

Of course, bad customer comments make you furious, especially if the comments are given by fake accounts claiming to be your customers. Many sellers choose to delete these comments and think the way they did it was right. However, deleting bad customer comments that you get can actually make your image bad in the public eye. Bad comments actually show that the ratings given by their customers are genuine. Comments that are 100% positive actually seem unrealistic. So, negative customer comments are not something you have to hide or delete, but deal with.

Provide Prompt Public Response

Being silent to bad comments is a bad idea as well. Instead, you have to respond to bad customer comments on social media as quickly as possible, just like when you respond to positive comments you get.

You can reply to bad comments from your customers publicly (highly recommended!), But there are a few things you need to pay attention to when responding:

– Don’t get defensive or claim that the customer has made false comments
– Say an apology even if you haven’t found any mistakes in your product or brand
– Ask about problems faced by customers (if the customer has not explained the issue in detail)
– Explain that you will provide the best solution for the customer
– Offer customers to speak to you directly by phone or email

Check Customer Problems

Then, you also need to analyze the problems your customers had. Evaluate product quality, delivery, customer service, etc. to find out what flaws your business might have. This is necessary to improve your products in the future, as well as improving your relationship with customers.

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