Tips For Choosing The Right Wood Floor For Your Home

Solid is one of the most popular and attractive flooring options for homes of any style. Unlike other types of flooring, you can easily choose quality hardwood floors, from pine, oak to maple and cherry wood. And each type of wood has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other types of flooring. So, before installing wood floors, here are the characteristics of each of the best types of solid wood floors from steamatic carpet cleaning company that you need to get to know. Anything


Tips for Choosing Wood Floors:
Being the most common type of wood used, oak flooring is the best choice that resists the risk of dents and deep scratches. For this reason, making this type of wood a popular choice for those who are reluctant to install rugs. Especially with a variety of color casts with clear wood patterns.

Its beauty and unique color make mahogany sold at a high price. Apart from being made as a flooring material, this type of wood is usually used to make various kinds of wooden furniture, ships, and musical instruments. Mahogany is wood that is water-resistant and durable when used as a floor. You can choose a floor made of mahogany for a classic look.

Teak wood
Many people mistake teak for mahogany. Teak floors are much harder than oak, but they are easier to work into floors. This type of teak is available throughout the world and is the most popular choice for flooring. The advantage of teak wood is that it has the appearance of mahogany at a much more affordable price.

For those who like light-colored wood floors, the choice should be made on the type of ash wood. With the unique appearance that this type of wood offers, quite a few property agents choose it as the floor of the house they sell. Don’t confuse ash wood with hickory wood, because they are almost the same at first glance.

Hickory wood
Furthermore, there is hickory wood which is often used in country houses because it offers resistance from damage due to the heavy traffic of the residents of the house. Visually, this one wood has a closed grain. Another advantage of hickory wood as a floor is that you can easily combine it with all furniture designs and styles.

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