Tips On How You Can Prevent Fire From Electrical Installation

At each electrical installation both at home and office buildings of course there is an MCB (Miniature Circuit Braker) whose function is to limit the electric current through the MCB and work automatically will be disconnected if indeed there is an overload, one of which is a short circuit because it indirectly concludes it is also a burden for the MCB See also the article about the MCB and the meaning of the code for more details about it. Do you need electrical services singapore?

In the event of an electrical surge, it will certainly cause the electric current to flow to be higher and if the MCB does not break the current, what happens if the cable is small is that the cable will heat up to burn the cable insulator and if exposed to flammable material will cause Fire. There are so many possibilities for fires due to electricity. Here are some tips that can be done so that our homes can avoid fires due to electricity.

ï Consult with an electrician about work related to electrical installations, especially if you do not understand electricity!
ï Do not place an electrical appliance that can produce heat close to flammable materials, such as electric stoves, irons, toasters. As much as possible pull out the plug if it’s not used!
ï For electrical equipment that uses large enough power, it is recommended that it be directly connected to a wall socket, do not once use an extension cable until it overlaps because it can cause more load on the electrical terminal.
ï Be careful in using electrical equipment that uses large power for example up to thousands of Watts! It is feared that the installation of cables is not strong enough and causes heat to the electrical installation cables.
ï Ensure that the plug, outlet and other connections are properly connected, loose connections can cause sparks!
ï Perform visual checks on electrical installations!
ï Use extension cords/electrical terminals in a reasonable manner and do not stack them with other T connections!
ï Always be aware of electrical equipment if it feels that the function is abnormal!

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