Types of Kitchen Equipment Based on Function

Businesses that operate in the culinary sector such as restaurants, hotels, and catering really need special equipment to support their operational activities. The existence of the kitchen becomes a place to process various food ingredients that will then be distributed to customers. In its operational activities, the kitchen must, of course, be supported by a variety of equipment that has good quality, and must be run by workers who are experts in their fields. You can get kitchen equipment Rotaryana by visiting our website.

Therefore it is not uncommon for these kitchen appliances to be exclusive and not everyone can operate them.

Specific tools used in the catering industry have their own specially designed specifications. The tools used in this industry are kitchen equipment. This equipment has the function of each of which in its performance is always associated with other tools. Based on its function, equipment kitchen equipment is divided into:

1. Preparations equipment
Preparation equipment is kitchen equipment in the culinary industry that is used in the initial stages of processing preparation.

2. Processing equipment
Processing equipment is kitchen equipment used in stages for processing food ingredients.

3. Service or plating equipment
Service or often called plating equipment are kitchen utensils used for the final stage of the presentation. This type of equipment is fairly numerous in number because at this stage the dish should be prepared as attractive as possible.

In addition, there are also several other tools that are classified as kitchen equipment such as deep fat fryer or large tools used for frying, range tops which are a cooking medium together, salamander, a means used to bake food, and rice cookers.

This kitchen equipment is indeed synonymous with the business of top-class catering. Food products from this equipment are no joke, have a high taste that is priced at a high price and much sought after by customers in order to satisfy the tongue and stomach.

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