Understanding The DNA Of Innovators

Few of us know what causes someone to be more innovative than others. How are the figures of the visionary entrepreneurs, like Apple’s Steve Jobs, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and P & G’s AG Lafley repeatedly revealing brilliant new ideas, while others don’t? In the meantime, perhaps you should check out the best DNA extractors from the biologia molecular.

Harvard University has conducted studies for a period of six years to explore the origins of creativity and also the disruptive business strategy that occurs in various companies that are known to be very innovative. These innovative entrepreneurs are investigated and recorded when and how they got the ideas that made the company build or grow massively.

The interesting thing is, many of the chief executive officers (CEOs) or top executives feel that creating an innovation strategy is not their responsibility. Their responsibility is to facilitate the innovation process. Whereas in companies that are known to be very innovative, their executives do not delegate matters concerning innovation, they do it themselves.

Research shows that there are five (5) discovery skills that distinguish highly creative executives from others. The five skills are the ability to associate, ask, observe, experiment, and networking. Innovative entrepreneurs generally use 50% more time to find new things than CEOs who do not have a track record as innovators. The five skills of the discovery are called innovator deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The good thing is that discovery skills can be learned and developed.

Have Creative Intelligence
Then, what makes the innovators different from the others? Innovative entrepreneurs have something called creative intelligence, which enables them to apply discovery skills. This is what distinguishes them from other types of intelligentsia. This is in accordance with the opinion of Howard Gardner, a psychologist, with his theory called Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

This type of innovator uses the right and left brain in balance. They have expertise in implementing discovery skills to create new ideas. The innovator DNA in each individual is unique with the ability to create breakthrough business ideas. A study of twins, separated after birth showed that the ability to think creatively originated in one third of genetic origin and two thirds came from the learning process.

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