Unique Facts About How To Clean Your Fur Carpet

Fur rugs are indeed considered more luxurious and charming if used as interior accessories for residences, hotels, and offices. The price of fur rugs is also priced quite expensive compared to other types of carpet. If you have just bought a fur carpet, but the carpet is dirty from spilled drinks, you can call Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. They will answer your call whenever you need them hoover rug cleaner.

Behind its luxury, apparently, there are some unique facts that must be known in cleaning it.

1. How to Clean Clinging Dirt Dust
Fur rugs tend to have long fibers, so dirt dust gets trapped more easily. To clean the dust on the carpet type of fur, can be done 1 (one) week 2 (two) times or depending on needs. How to clean it is quite easy, namely the dust that is not too much attached can be a way of flicking the carpet outside the house if there is still residual dirt that is difficult to fall can use a vacuum cleaner.
Try to do the vacuuming, do it on 2 (two) sides of the carpet. In addition, you can use a special brush to clean hair or pet hair that is still left on the surface of the carpet. Brush gently so that the fibers on the carpet are not damaged.

2. How to Get Rid of Stubborn Stains
If the carpet is exposed to stains it will be absorbed quickly, because the soft fibers in the carpet made from fur make the liquid more easily enter. If there are stubborn stains and difficult to disappear, you can use a mixture of vinegar and lemon water or baking soda. This material is considered safer for fur rugs compared to ordinary detergents. How to spray a mixture of vinegar and lemon water over the stain, then let stand for approximately 15 minutes. After that, rinse using clean water and dry with a hairdryer.

How to get rid of odor on the carpet of fur?
In treating carpet made from fur must be extra careful compared to other carpet made. Especially if the carpet is dirty due to stains that stick and leave an unpleasant odor. To get rid of the smell can use some alternative ingredients such as baby powder, baking soda, or coffee grounds. Sprinkle one of these powder ingredients on a smelly carpet, then wait for 12 hours or overnight. After that, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a special brush and make sure there is no powder left on the fur carpet.

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