Ways to Make Your Eyebrow Neat

A neat eyebrow shape will support the appearance of women, you can use brow styling soap to style it. With this eyebrow shape, it will be helpful for women to use eye pencils when dressing up. Meanwhile, there are many ways to support neat eyebrows. Not only shaving, let’s get to know some steps to tidy up the eyebrows.

The first way to tidy up your eyebrows is to shave them. Use an eyebrow pencil to form a pattern, then shave
This method is an inexpensive way. You can do this yourself or ask someone else for help. Before shaving, draw the desired eyebrow shape using an eyebrow pencil. After that, shave the eyebrow hair that is outside the line. Don’t get the wrong shave, OK! Later it will be difficult to draw eyebrows if you dress up.

The second way is wax. Don’t forget to use a cooling gel after the removal process ends, OK!
You can do this method at a beauty salon. Even though it will hurt, this method is powerful enough to make eyebrow hair grow longer. However, there is a special trick in doing it. Don’t forget to provide cooling gel after waxing. Moreover, if it is not given by the beauty salon. This cooling gel is useful for reducing skin irritation. This technique is classified as a fast way to shape eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thick, you can try this method because it can pluck out a lot of eyebrow hair in one go.

You can also use threads to straighten your eyebrows. The method that can only be done in this salon is called threading
Usually, you have to do threading at a beauty salon. This is because it requires a special trick in doing it. With this, it will help your eyebrows to grow longer because they are plucked up to the roots. Another advantage, threading can remove hair faster than using tweezers and the result is more natural because the hair is pulled out one by one.

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