Why do VPNs make Internet connections secure?

The history of VPN began in 1996. At that time Microsoft employee Gurdeep Singh Pall invented the PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) which allowed users to get a secure internet connection to the office so that they could work effectively from home. So much like the creation of the internet that was built for military purposes and not for commercial use, VPN was originally built only for the benefit of large companies and is not intended for individual users. Companies need a secure network to connect geographically separated offices, and the answer is an encrypted private network that can protect confidential company information and accesses. Free Windows Vps is the right answer to bring a local network that is “cheap” because it uses an internet connection line that has been spread very evenly.

Although initially created for corporate use, VPN service providers see the benefits of this technology as well as being useful for individual users. Especially because of the proliferation of Wi-Fi hotspots that have become one of the needs of the millennial. Good encryption is needed to protect important data sent over the wireless network, such as account credentials when doing internet banking, or important financial data such as credit card information when shopping online. On the other hand, blocking and censorship of the site began by many stakeholders. The action of wiretapping by several overseas state institutions such as the NSA also raises a high need for anonymity whose answers all lead to VPN services.

If you use a VPN service, you are free to specify the VPN server used to access the internet. What will be detected by the internet server is the VPN server IP that you are using and your ISP’s IP is protected and not exposed. By protecting your ISP’s IP, you can protect yourself from unwanted advertising programs that detect geographical locations based on that internet IP. Also, you can specify the IP VPN server that you want to use. One example is when you want to get a special promotional program that usually appears only for certain country IPs, such as cheap local airplane ticket promotions that are only available for local IP sites accessing from certain countries.

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