Why is it Better to Use Internet Based TV?

Technological advances in the field of information and communication are growing rapidly. Marshall McLuhan’s prediction in the 1960s that the life of the world would be a global village has come true. This is marked by the speed with which someone can communicate and get information from anywhere in the world. Television (TV) is one of the media in the field of information and communication that is used by someone to get information easily and quickly. The development of TV information service facilities is increasing in line with advances in information and communication technology. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is an internet-based TV service, where the service facility is a combination of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic transactions. Get iptv canada from our website.

The use of streaming technology in internet broadcasting allows a television station to broadcast using the internet. There are two types of services that can be provided, namely on-demand and live.

For on-demand, it is a pre-recorded broadcast, while Live TV Broadcasting broadcasts a broadcast that is currently in progress. IPTV has advantages in terms of service quality assurance, security, reliability, and the ability to provide two-way or interactive communication services with customers. The existence of IPTV is also more attractive because there are several services that other television services do not have, such as personalized e-commerce, for example. This service allows sellers, potential buyers, and operators (advertising service providers) to interact in a personal, open and relatively unrestricted manner regarding the products offered and traded.

The way IPTV works is by using a decoder. The decoder is plugged into the television set and connected to a DSL internet line at a home or building that has an internet subscription. This tool serves as the person in charge, reuniting IP-based packets that will be received from the IPTV broadcast provider into a coherent video stream. So that from the mediation of the decoder, it will produce an image and sound that can be displayed on television.

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