XM Broker Added Hundreds Of Stock CFDs For MT5 Trading

XM Broker has complemented its MT5 trading service with hundreds of new stock CFD instruments back in 2018. This advantage can be easily tried by anyone, including demo account traders and MT4 users who can cross over to MT5 without validation. After offering MT5 trading for a long time, the XM broker is now adding updated instruments to enrich the trading options. The trading instrument that has been added is stock CFD. Unmitigated, there are more than 160 types of new instruments provided by XM in the MT5 trading service. Aside from its technology, XM is also known for its high leverage. However, if you are also curious about other large traders with high leverage, you can simply visit http://www.cnie.org/highleverage/commodity-broker-with-high-leverage.html as soon as possible.

The MT5 update is the broker’s response to client suggestions. MT5 trading is relatively new when compared to MT4 trading on XM. This makes the broker that provides Zero Accounts continues to open doors for improvement and development of MT5 trading. The stock CFD instrument added to the XM MetaTrader 5 platform is not arbitrary, as the XM broker only includes stocks of large US companies. Some examples are stock CFDs of CME Group Inc., Hasbro Inc., Marriott International Inc., American Electric Power Company, and many others.

The new names in the list of MT5 trading instruments complement the stock CFD options previously presented at XM. The increasing variety of options for MT5 trading instruments can optimize diversification, a risk management technique that is carried out by opening transactions on several types of assets at once. Even for forex traders, diversification can also be done by trying stock CFDs, because this asset class can bring together the positives of stock instruments with the ease of leveraged trading.

The transition from MT4 To MT5 Without Validation

Apart from multiplying the types of CFDs, XM broker also makes MT5 trading easier for traders who have previously been actively transacting on MT4. To keep things simple, MT4 traders who want to try out the MT5 trading platform can open a dedicated MetaTrader 5 account without additional validation. Traders can also manage MT4 and MT5 accounts at the same time.

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