You Can Do These 3 Things First When You’re Lost In The Wild

There are many cases of adventurers who get lost in the wild. One of them is what Aurelien experienced, last October. This Swiss man was reported missing while exploring the forests of Raja Ampat, Papua. Luckily, Aurelien survived and found the closest settlement after 8 days were missing. This case shows how important survival skills are to anticipate bad things when adventuring, just like when you’re lost. Meanwhile, the equipment also needs to be the best ones to improve your chance of survival. You can go to survivalenvy store to find excellent survival gear.

Here are the first 3 things you need to do to survive when you’re lost in the jungle or in other wilds, based on the recommendations of the American National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF):

1. Stay Calm

Panic will not solve the problem, it will even make things worse. To master the situation requires a clear and positive mind. Although difficult, this can help determine what steps to take when you get lost. In addition, take the following steps:

– Plan ahead.
– Inventory of existing supplies.
– Determine the things that are essential to start survival (water supply, shelter, warmth).
– Determination and fortitude are sometimes the determinants of safety when lost.
– Get rid of bad feelings.
– Getting lost may lead to despair, but stay focused on the things essential to survival.

2. Make a Shelter

One of the most important things to watch out for in nature is the temperature. Losing body warmth can cause hypothermia, which can lead to death. In addition, direct exposure to hot sunlight can also burn the skin, causing dehydration. Optimal body temperature is needed to determine survival while lost in the wild. Therefore, adventurers need to make a shelter while spending the night in the wild, whether they are lost or not.

3. Find a source of clean water

Humans can live for several weeks without food. However, humans can only survive up to 4 days without drinking. Hence, clean water is a source of life for adventurers who have lost their way. Clean water can be found in rivers and lakes in the wild. Find water in a river or lake, then boil it first to kill the bacteria contained in it.

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