You May Do These Ways To Get Rid Of Fungus From Your Walls

First, you must create solutions from carbolic acid & water with a ratio of carbolic acid and water as much as 1: 3. The first step that must be done is to collect the basic ingredients to make a solution to remove the mushroom walls. The material needed is carbolic acid which is usually used to mop the floor and ordinary water. If you are running out of carbolic acid, laundry detergent can also be used as an alternative to carbolic acid. On the other hand, if there’s a problem with your hard-to-maintain stone walls, perhaps you want to call the most trusted stonemason canberra.

For the measure, use a ratio of 1: 3 with 1 cup of carbolic offset by 3 cups of water. With this, you will save more money on carbolic acid, but still, have a large quantity because it is mixed with plain water. Mix well until the two liquids mix.

Spray On Moldy Wall Area

The second step, spray the solution that has been formulated into the moldy wall. Spray thoroughly, make sure there is no part that is not exposed to the solution so that the final result is more maximal. In addition, do not forget to spray from a distance far away so that the solution splashes wider and evenly.

Rub the wall with a brush or cloth

After spraying it with carbolic solution and water, rub the wall with a brush that has stiff fur so that the wall fungus can fall out quickly. If you don’t have a brush with stiff fur, you can also use a coarse fibrous cloth as an alternative.

Do not rub the brush or cloth too hard. Why? Because this is at risk of damaging the paint of your home wall. However, if the fungus is attached to the ceramic part, you can rub it harder because the ceramic won’t peel off.

Rinse And Dry

The last step to eradicate wall fungus in your home is to water it with water and dry it again, either using a dry cloth or with the help of a chamois. Rinse and do not forget to clean the brush or cloth used to rub the wall mushrooms.

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