You Must Avoid These Errors When Making Employment Contract

Certainly not easy to make a clear employment contract. Required accuracy and carefulness in detail of each factor. Ideally, what is written in the whole contract, from the entry process, the work process, promotion, prohibition, until the retirement matters, or the completion of the work agreement? There are some common points of error that arise when making a work contract. However, before we continue, we want to remind you that you can always use the online police check service to see the criminal records of your employee candidates so you can always recruit them safely.

What are these points of error?

The Balance of Both Parties

Ideally, each work contract agreed is balanced, between the rights and obligations of each party. Both the rights and obligations of employees or your rights and obligations as an employer. All will run smoothly and there will be a harmonious relationship if the agreement signed is balanced according to government regulations. The vulnerable point is usually the preparation of employment contracts only focuses on what employees must understand. Though every point should be arranged for both parties, for both sides, and for both. If there is an imbalance of rights or obligations, then this could be a potential problem in the future.

Normative Terms

Maybe some of you who are in the business world have certain languages or terms for things related to activities. Normative language and rigid terms are rarely used. Different cases for employment contracts, where standard and normative language is important. This is because ideally, the work contract has a standard regulation reference. Each term used must be able to explain the same thing and be understood by both parties. This is why language and terms in employment contracts usually use standard language and seem stiff. Because the language and terms used to adjust the regulations that become the reference so that it becomes a strong foundation.

Detail Information

In compiling such documents, detailed information is the most important thing, in addition to the identity of the two parties. The detailed information intended is related to the provisions submitted to prospective employees. Obviously, its function is so that employees understand exactly what rules are agreed upon when he enters your company.

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