You Must Prepare These Necessities Before You Go Hunting Some Animals

Some supplies are prepared in groups, such as vehicles, shelter (base camp), large meals, medicines, and others. For hunters who have touched the forest many times, maybe all the preparations have been “head-on”, but what about novice hunters? This article can guide you a little. Meanwhile, if you also need a way to find your target easily, perhaps you must know what is a spotting scope.

Firearm ownership certificate or license

Long before preparing other supplies, it is better to take care of hunting and weapon licenses in advance. When going to be used for hunting, hunters are required to take care of the necessary documents in advance. Apart from weapons, bullet supplies must also be considered. If the hunting trip is in groups, it would be better if there was one person who specialized in dealing with guns and bullets. Remember, never keep bullets in places that are hard to remember. Because, if even one item is left in your bag because you forget it, then this can create difficulties when you enter the airport.

Hunting Vehicles

For car matters, of course, the car owner must prepare the car in a fit condition. Check your car first to the repair shop, before leaving. There is nothing wrong if hunters also prepare car needs such as light spear parts, filters, spark plug condensers, and other necessities.

Base Camp

If the hunting group does not yet have a base camp, it will usually use the houses of residents in the closest village to the hunting ground as a place to rest. Tents and sleeping baths are also prepared, and cooking equipment is forced not to return to base camp.


Some meals are prepared in groups and some are individual. Food for the benefit of the group is large food, such as rice and its side dishes, instant noodles, sugar, coffee, tea, While personal meals are snacks and drinks tailored to the needs and tastes of each.


Medicine or first aid kit should be included in every hunting group. Because we don’t know what will happen on the hunting ground. Because it was prepared medicine. It is also possible for each hunter to prepare medicines as they usually provide for personal needs.

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