You Need To Know This Before You Think Of Starting A Sticker Business

Stickers or labels are widely used in various industries, such as food products, medicines, shampoos, skin creams, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, as well as the motorcycle and car industry. The variety of industries that use stickers or labels encourages the label industry to be able to meet the quality demands of these various types of industries. Each industry segment that uses stickers or labels has specific quality standards according to the application of the custom stickers or labels.

The most important thing about the quality of the sticker is the ability of the adhesive material or glue used to the material where the sticker is affixed which is called the adhesive quality of the sticker. The quality of the glue used must be resistant to mechanical loads and resistant to environmental influences such as humidity, temperature, acidity, alcohol or products derived from petroleum, vegetable or animal origin.

Each industry segment has a demand or choice of quality/type of glue to be used. For the food industry, the glue that does not migrate to food and is not harmful to consumer health is used. Meanwhile, for the automotive or motorcycle industry segment, glue is used with quality that is resistant to the effects of oil, gasoline, high temperatures and humidity. The two industry segments have very extreme differences in terms of the demands on the quality of the glue and its application.

In general, stickers function to increase the selling power of a product and as a means of product information for consumers. Stickers are usually added/affixed to inflexible packaging because the cost of the printing process on the material is very expensive or the quality of the resulting print cannot meet the demands of the marketing party. Currently, the number of colours used for stickers on the packaging of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products is more than 5 colours plus special colours such as gold and silver. The use of many colours is intended to support one of the purposes of using stickers, namely increasing product security from counterfeiting. By using stickers, counterfeiting will be more difficult because the sticker material is designed in such a way that it is difficult to counterfeit both in terms of print quality, glue strength and the strength of the carrier material.

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