You Need To Understand This Before Visiting Mexico

For the sake of safety when you are traveling in Mexico, avoid showing off your valuables in public places. These tips are generally applicable if you want to travel to a foreign place. Another tip, don’t count money in public because it will attract pickpockets and muggers. If you still have to wear jewelry and carry valuables, be careful and take care of your belongings. Other than that, before we continue, you may visit if you need more information about Mexico.

So far, it is rare to find a place to exchange foreign currency into Mexican currency, that is the Peso in some countries. Then, how to get Peso? Swap in Mexico City. However, it is common for most banks in Mexico City to have a maximum amount of foreign currency exchange, particularly US dollars, into the local currency, the Peso.

This policy is said to have been taken to avoid the practice of money laundering by drug cartels. Due to this policy, in one day a person can only exchange around US$ 500. However, exchanging money at the Bank will be safer with a better exchange rate.
If you are in a hurry, you can also exchange your money at the money changer at the airport. To exchange this money, you need to bring your original passport or travel document (not a copy).

Furthermore, Always carry only a copy of your travel documents (passport) or other documents. Losing the originals will only cause you serious problems, especially at airport immigration. It’s not uncommon for you to have to show originals. However, if needed, you can show a copy of the document. Don’t forget, always keep your original travel documents in a safe place.

Finally, don’t assume everyone in Mexico City can speak English. Despite being home to many expats, very few locals speak English. Try learning a few sentences in Spanish for everyday use. Mexicans are just like us. They are friendly and would be happy if foreigners could communicate in their language, Spanish.

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