You Should Know Some Of The Complete Speaker Types

The complete speaker is a type of speaker consisting of several individual speakers in one package. Complete speakers offer convenience for those who do not want to feel confused in choosing the right speaker. Complete speaker at the moment is also equipped with an optional choice of portable speaker or wireless speaker so that it can be used flexibly. Meanwhile, if you look for a speaker which has a high water resistance level, just buy the best shower speakers.

Here are the types of complete speakers:

Packaged surround speakers

If you already have a receiver and don’t want to be confused in choosing individual speakers for home theater, this type of packaged surround speaker is a pretty good option for you. Packaged surround speakers are a bunch of speakers bundling together with other parts, and there are several configuration variations and various prices. Usually packaged surround speakers consist of a right and left speakers, a subwoofer and 2 speakers on the front. You can also choose a packaged surround speaker that has a receiver if you don’t have one.

Portable and Dock speakers

From the name alone we must have known this type of speaker. Portable speakers are a type of speaker that can give you extraordinary flexibility. This speaker consists of several individual speakers that have high flexibility and they are usually quite light. This type of speaker can usually be used for various events.

Almost as portable speakers, dock speakers can be used to play audio from a cellphone or mp3 player. Most dock speakers are designed to be used on Apple devices and very little can be used for other than Apple devices. If you are not an Apple user, you might consider buying a wireless speaker.

Wireless speaker

This is one of the most innovative speakers and they don’t have to be connected physically with your device or gadget. Wireless speakers on the market use Bluetooth technology, AirPlay (specifically for Apple devices) or Wi-Fi to get signals from the device you are using. Many wireless speaker models have compact designs, so they can be used in various places.

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