Developing Fan Base

How to get into the music industry? To realize your dreams in the field of music especially to enter the music industry, you can start with small things music industry consultant. After you’ve made your work, start developing a fan base! Well, then how?

1 Have a show in your city
Start displaying your works on the local stage, such as in coffee shops, bars, or other places that often hold musical performances. Before performing, try watching the musical performances that are usually held at these places. Make sure the visitors who usually come will enjoy the music you play. Do things like for a month or two to get used to it and the audience starts to recognize your band.

2 Perform with another band
This is the best way to develop a fan base. Watch the band performances that you like, and ask them if they want to hold an appearance with you in the future. Invite them to come to your practice session, or show them your music that has been uploaded on the internet.

When you join and become part of the music community, other bands will be happy to provide tricks and assistance (for example, borrowing musical instruments) to you. If you need to borrow an amplifier or contact someone to do a recording in the studio, you can ask them for help.

3 Use social media as a marketing
Social media is now a big platform for marketing, and this you can use with your band. Announce your performance schedule and new creations so you can stay in touch with your new fans. When the record label gives a contract to a new band, they look for a brand that is incorporated in an already large enough music community, with a significant number of fans.

Invite your fans to come to see and listen to the works of the band who once performed with you. If your band and other bands support and promote each other, chances are people will see and listen to your works.

4 T-shirts
T-shirts are popular selling products for bands, and they are also a cheap way to show the quality of your brand that is not inferior to the quality of bands that have followed the recording professionally. At music shows, people usually buy band selling products, and T-shirts can be products that provide a fair amount of income. You will not only get income from the sale of T-shirts but also free marketing every time someone wears your band T-shirt!
Try exchanging band jerseys with other bands so that you and other bands can wear each other’s shirts on stage. Such cross-marketing can benefit everyone. If your music community is strong enough and has a lot of people, everyone (including you) will be more likely to get a contract with a record label.

5 Don’t hesitate to have a tour
Take a tour with other bands and visit several cities where your friends or other band members live. Who knows, in that city, there is a place that you can use as a place to put on a great show. You can start by participating in festivals, band contests, and so on.

6 Upload your music video on Youtube
Youtube is not new anymore. Upload your music video on the YouTube channel to get more attention from the public. Many successful musicians started their journey through Youtube, such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Soulja Boy and Cody Simpson. Show your quality to a wider audience, outside of the listeners in your local community. This way, you have the potential to get new fans from all over the world.

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