Here Are Some Measuring Tools That Are In The Microbiology Laboratory

In microbiology laboratories, there are indeed many activities to test various molecules or microorganisms. One of the things done in the microbiology laboratory is deteccion de patogenos. For that, of course, there are many tools and measuring instruments used in the laboratory. If you work there, you also have to use a variety of safety clothing so that it is not contaminated by microorganisms that are there.

if you are accustomed to being in a microbiology laboratory, then you will not be surprised by all the measuring instruments that are there. However, for most people who have never entered the laboratory, some of these measurements will certainly be very foreign to them. Some of the measuring instruments referred to here are

– Erlenmeyer Flask
Serves to accommodate solutions, ingredients or liquids that are. Erlenmeyer flasks can be used to mix and homogenize media ingredients, collect aquades, microbial cultivation in liquid cultures, etc. There are several choices based on the volume of fluid that can be accommodated, namely 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, and so forth.

– Beaker glass
Beaker glass is a tool that has many functions. In microbiology, it can be used to prepare several media, accommodate quads and so on.

– Graduated Cylinder
Useful for measuring the volume of a liquid, such as an Erlenmeyer flask, a measuring cup has several choices based on its volume scale.

– Thermometer
The thermometer in general is made of glass shaped rod with a length of 300 mm and has a diameter of 6-7mm. This tool usually contains mercury and gas and does not forget it is also always equipped with measurement with a degree Celsius scale. This tool works to measure a solution. This tool will measure the temperature according to the rate of mercury in it.

– PH meter
The pH meter serves to measure the acidity or pH of the media because the degree of acidity has an effect on microbial growth.

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