Is It Safe To Use Artificial Grass Carpet For Children Playgrounds?

Although there are some concerns when they use synthetic grass, the fact is that many use grass like this. Parents prefer to make a playground at home by covering the floor with synthetic grass carpet.

There are a lot of considerations that they think, such as:

Safety factor

By making a playground with synthetic grass, children can avoid the risk of getting hurt. For example, a child is just starting to learn to walk. Often the child will fall. However, if the child learns on synthetic grass, the child will not be seriously injured when they fall.

Another case is if the child learns to walk on the open floor of granite. When a child falls, it can hurt him. That is why so many parents end up using artificial grass.

Affordable prices

Compared to the price of real grass, the price of synthetic grass could be much more expensive. However, if it is accumulated with the cost of making a garden, it is clear that the price is more affordable when you choose synthetic grass.

You have to ask a gardening service to plant real grass. And that took a long time. The soil must be hoped first then the grass is planted. The cost of this service is what makes the garden with real grass expensive.

It’s different if you use artificial grass. You don’t need to call a gardening service because you can layer it yourself. You only need to spend money to buy synthetic grass.

Easy and Cheap Maintenance

If you are making a garden from real grass, you will need to do maintenance regularly. The grass should be watered, cut when it is tall, and so on. It’s different if you choose synthetic grass. There is almost no maintenance you need to do.

If any liquid spills on the grass, you just need to clean it with water. Wipe with a cloth soaked in water. Or you can lift the synthetic grass and then flush it with water.

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