This Is The Ideal Duration For Video Mapping

In a video mapping work containing audiovisual content, of course, the basis is the duration of the content. The principle is the same as film, music, animation, and others. There are the intro, climax, and anti-climax / outro. It remains just how we adjust the duration of the audience who enjoy the 3D Mapping work so that they don’t get bored easily so that the message of the work is conveyed.

3 duration categories have existed in various video mapping works, such as:

1. Festival (3-5 minutes)

The Video Mapping Festival is an event that displays various video mapping works in 1 or more buildings depending on the available facades and the capacity of the audience. The average duration for a festival event ranges from 3 minutes to 5 minutes because usually, the number of works displayed can range from 6 to dozens of works, so if you total it in 1 segment it can be 1 hour like a film. The ideal duration for this festival has been implemented by international festivals in Europe and America. But in Japan, there is a concept of the 1-Minute Projection-Mapping festival where the duration of the work required is only a maximum of 1 minute less because the number of works to be projected is quite a lot up to around 30.

2. Theatrical / Show (10-20 Minutes)

Ever been to a theatrical show or a permanent performance at a location such as an amusement park, museum, or special event? The average duration for a show is definitely not short, because there are several segments. If Video Mapping is included in the line-up of the show’s segments, the total averages from 10 minutes to 20 minutes for the entire audiovisual.

3. Installation (Looping <3 minutes)

Video Mapping in the form of this installation usually has an average audiovisual duration of fewer than 3 minutes or even less than 1 minute, because it is an installation that is enjoyed by a small audience in one session but keeps changing viewers. So the ideal duration is short enough so that the audience can enjoy other works at an event or location. The average duration is used for booth and exhibition installations.

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